Corporate identity of the company

Unite the company's visual communication

Based on research, we plan and design a holistic graphic image that addresses the target audience. Through well-thought-out visual approaches, we communicate the company’s key values and ideas, while at the same time clearly differentiating ourselves from the competition.

Price of designing a corporate identety

From 750 €

We establish consistent communication with our audience through uniform visuals.

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Information worth knowing about the development of corporate identity

Corporate identity is a tool for communication with users and companies

The visual image of a company does not only have the function of a nice look and a pleasant feeling. It is a communication tool and when used properly, numbers will speak for themselves.

A well-thought-out corporate identity can be the reason why customers will choose you over the competition

In today’s fast pace, users don’t have time to read between the lines. That is why it is necessary to say at a glance who you are, what you offer and why you are different (and that YOU are different!) Than your competition.

People want to connect!

Many times it happens to us that with certain people we simply function on a deeper level than with others.

The same work is done by the corporate image. It represents you out loud and that is why you will attract the right people for your business.

Is the corporate image of the company a brand?

The answer is simply NO. Brand oz. the brand is formed in the minds of our users. We have no control over this.

However, we can influence them through thoughtful and refined visuals that create the desired atmosphere and present your story. A corporate image can be the best tool for this task. 🙂

The process

The overall graphic image is formed in 3 main steps


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After creating your new corporate graphic image, you will receive full documentation with the agreed materials.

The time of creating a corporate graphic image depends on the time spent on each phase in the process and the number of agreed final materials.

The basic projects are completed within a month, while more extensive corporate images take a few months.

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