Graphic design and thought process

What does graphic design mean to us and what are our design guidelines?

In our eyes ...

Graphic design is the process of planning, inquiring and constantly learning about your environment and the various areas within it.

The final product or design is a product of this process that not only looks attractive but conveys the key messages and values of the business, person or product to specific audiences. The design encourages the person to action (conversion), informs or simply brands a company or a product. And because not only words tell stories, we are looking for symbols, shapes or colors that connect emotionally as well as intellectually with the targeted audience, random passers or end client.

And because we live in such an already saturated information world, a high level of originality and knowledge is required for the identity or graphic design to stand out and achieve the desired effect. That is why we are committed to professional graphic design and thoughtful designing of all visual elements.

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Attention thieves

We design striking and creative graphic elements that are sure to attract the attention of the target groups.


For humans

We start designing with your goals in mind. We design for your target audience.


Bond strength

We are open to collaborations and partnerships in graphic design or marketing.

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All projects

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Graphic design services

We offer professional graphic design of all visual elements.

Corporate identity design or individual elements

We will professionally design the identity of your business, product or person. The corporate identity covers all the visual elements that the end user interacts with.

Businesses looking to serve their clients professionally are a necessary step in creating an image that properly reflects core values and messages.

Advertising and promotional materials

We will design striking and pervasive advertising graphics that will dissolve and grab the attention of your target groups. Because uniqueness is so important these days, we try to design modern and competitive products with “outside the box” thinking.

Miscellaneous printed matter and other materials

We offer graphic design of various printed matter for business or personal use. All the design of price lists, menus, congratulations and diplomas fall under this category. If you give us enough information, we can design.

Web content

The web is the future of entrepreneurship and business! That’s why we offer professional graphic design of web pages, social profiles or banner ads for online advertising and other web content.

All projects

Check out more case studies.

Planning and strategies

The process of designing identity projects

Identity products such as a logo, business cards, or entire images go through a long process of getting to know each other and learning before they are actually formed. We design on the principle of 80% design and stratification and 20% design of the final product.

Only with this approach can we assure you that the final product conveys the right message and values to the target audience through all media.

A meeting and a cup of coffee

First we meet in a comfortable environment, get to know each other better and drink a cup of good coffee. You present yourself to us as best you can and give us your vision and goals for success and the future.

Then we prepare a customized “cognitive” questionnaire, which covers important information for the very beginning of the graphic design.

Report on scope, content and design

Later, a short work report is compiled: ie how it will be done; Setting out goals as a starting point for work.

In the meantime, we inquire about the area itself, the target group, your competition, standards and existing guidelines. That is, let’s take a look at the terrain itself and “learn the profession”.

Mood board or board feeling creative

Then we create a so-called “Mood board” which serves as a visual inspection into the project. Here, the right colors, fonts, textures, patterns, and style are determined – for a later final look.

Implementation of all elements in finished products

When we have all of the above, we come to the best part – Graphic Design, which is based on 80% design and 20% production. All the goals and your desires for shaping the whole are already outlined here.