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We offer professional website and store optimizations for higher rankings on Google and other search engines. Website optimization is a key element of a successful digital marketing strategy. With it, we speed up the purchase and give users the quality content they need at the right time.

Optimizacija spletnih strani Maribor

On-site in Off-site

Prodajna optimizacija za spletne iskalnike

Conversion optimization and sales growth

SEO optimizacija spletnih strani in trgovin

SEO optimization strategy

Celostni digitalni marketing podjetja Maribor

Long term cooperation

What do we offer?

For users

The goal is more users and more sales!

Possibility of cooperation

Kaj ponujamo?

We optimize your site so that potential customers find you in the top three search engine results.

Za uporabnike

We tackle optimization in a way, for people. Content is written with quality and is optimized for good user experience.

Cilj je večje število uporabnikov!

With quality written content and further on-site and off-site optimization, we will increase traffic to your site and optimize the conversion rate.

Možnost sodelovanja

Let us manage the SE optimization of your site and we will take care of traffic growth and conversion optimization.

Search engine optimization

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) or optimization of websites/stores for higher positions on search engine results pages. SEO is the process of restructuring and designing a website, its content, and elements. As a result, well-optimized websites appear higher in the list of hits in Google, Bing, or any other search engines.

What kind of work do we do as part of optimization?

SEO audit oz. website analysis

Implementation of corrections or monthly optimizations

What is important is to make it easier for search engines to access your website, to improve the content so that it better meets the requirements and expectations of users, and to follow the changing digital environment by adapting the strategy and constantly upgrading (monthly optimization). set at the beginning.

Only in this way will we be able to show your website to users at the moment when they are actively searching for content related to it.

The first step in any SEO project starts with just analyzing the status of your site.

At this point, we review all the elements that are critical to high placements on the results page and review the overall user experience.

At the end of the analysis, we compile a report, which you can implement yourself or discuss further cooperation together.

If you would like an analysis of your site, you can contact us and arrange a consultation.

The scope of work is different for each website. In some places, it only takes a few optimizations to get the page ranked higher. In some places, however, it is necessary to start at the foundations.

Therefore, we offer one-time optimizations, where we will implement the selected corrections. If you would like more thorough and long-term optimization, we offer monthly solutions, where we will scroll through the list of fixes month after month and implement them.

Because we know that the topic is quite demanding, we are always available for a free consultation!

Website/store optimization process

SE Website/store optimization takes place in four stages, in which we first get to know you and go through the optimization process together.

We guarantee that through a well-optimized website/store you gain more potential customers and of course much better user experience.

We write for people and not for search engines!

You can read more about SEO optimization HERE.

We present you with four ways to good optimization and further cooperation:

Cognitive meeting and a cup of coffee

We meet in a pleasant environment, get to know each other better and drink a good cup of coffee. You entrust us with your visions and goals for the future and tell us what values you want to gain from it.

We then prepare a customized “cognitive” questionnaire, which includes important information for the very beginning of the competition inquiry and the like.

Audit – website / store analysis

Then a short report on the scope of work is compiled – we analyze your website, write remarks about the corrections, and review them together.

In the meantime, we inquire about the area itself, the target group, and your competition. That is, we look at the terrain itself and “teach your profession.”

Implementation of fixes

In the audit itself – the analysis of your website/store, we identified errors/corrections that need to be implemented if we want further visible results.

We issue these implementations to you in a report that is left to you. You can do them yourself or we can help you with that.

Further o /off-site optimization

Once we have all these points listed above settled, we can talk about further cooperation. Both on-site and off-site optimization is a key factor for good site optimization.

If both are well organized, potential customers will immediately find you in the first results of Google and other search engines.


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