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How quickly users don’t find us on the internet is the competition that enjoys making money. Therefore, we help companies optimize their website or store so that they can appear in higher positions on the Google results page.

The cost of SEO optimization

Drom 150 € / month

Be ahead of the competition while searching for Google

We optimized the content for higher rankings for the online blog Viskiselekcija
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SEO analysis of the website / store

The first step of any optimization is to analyze what (if anything) needs to be adjusted and corrected before we get to work. Through analysis, we find out where there is room for improvement and how we will tackle this part. In addition to technical work, we also do keyword analysis and market research (competition).
Brezplačna SEO analiza


One-time optimization

After the analysis, we found out where the optimization opportunities lie. We can perform a one-time optimization of the most “burning” problems we’ve discovered throughout the process.
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Monthly optimizations

Based on the analysis, we compile an optimization strategy that would be most appropriate for your business goals. We start with the technical optimization of the website and then the optimizations of the pages that are most important to your goals. Optimizations run on a monthly basis for 5-10-15 hours / month.
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Writing SEO Articles

After a previous meeting and based on keyword research, we agree to write articles / content that will chase the most relevant keywords. Writing can be done as needed or on a monthly basis.
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We have prepared the most common questions and answers

The results can be seen in the first month or after a year. For each site and niche, they start to look different so it’s hard to pinpoint the exact time. On average, the first shifts in positions are already visible in the first month, and concrete results (growth is always exponential – escalating) after a year.

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