Digital Marketing and Web Appearance

Digital marketing is critical to the success of your business.

Professional marketing for high results

With a variety of tools and across multiple channels, we can accurately target your audience, tailor ads to different audiences, increase brand awareness, increase sales, and measure all results and track them through advanced analytics programs.

What are the benefits of digital marketing?

The biggest advantage of digital marketing is just that – complete measurability. We can measure which ad is most successful, which audience is most responsive to it, what our results are compared to our competition, where our most loyal customers come from, and much, much more.

Leave us to managing your digital marketing and we will grow your sales and consequently your business.

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Digital marketing encompasses professional page optimizations for high ranking organic hits.


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Digital marketing and web services

Target-oriented digital advertising.

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Google advertising

Digital marketing is one of the most widely used and well-known advertising tools: Google Ads (sometimes Google Adwords). Search advertising is done through relevant keywords that will help your ad appear to relevant users who search for products / services related to your

We also recommend combining it with the Display Network through images. This is done by displaying web pages that are thematically related to your activity that show the user your business.

Remarketing is also very effective – showing your ads to those who have been in contact with your business in some way.

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Advertising on social networks

Due to the large number of users and the huge amount of time spent on social networks, social advertising is practically a necessity.

Very detailed targeting of users by their profession, interests, pages we follow is possible. As with Google Display Advertising, remarketing is possible with the help of a code called Facebook Pixel.

We use a wide variety of ad types and goals that can be tailored to your needs. Faceook Business Manager also manages display across multiple social networks (Facebook, Messenger, Instagram,…).

Izdelovanje pristajalne strani za podjetja.

Email marketing

Make sure you build and communicate with a loyal mass of email users. Email marketing is very useful for informing, promotions, blog invitations, etc. When using the program, we adapt to you and your preferences, most often using Mailchimp or Squalomail. We also provide graphics and text in the message.

You can see very accurately the message statistics and the share of opening, forwarding, clicks on various links in the message and the like. If you are in regular communication with your user base, it is very likely that she will decide to buy your product or service.

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Video advertising

Video advertising is very topical. High-quality, innovative video is quickly remembered by users and becomes brand-focused.

It is also an effective YouTube network, visited by over 30 million users every day. Video ads thus appear before or during videos.

YouTube places promotional videos on Google with videos that users like to watch, or with videos that are relevant to the user’s interests.

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