Corporate identity design

Connect with your target audience in the long run

Brands evoke emotions in the user and occupy a specific position in relation to the competition. A brand is not just a logo or corporate image, but a comprehensive system that dictates communication at all points of contact of the company. Both verbal and visual.

Price for brand development

From 1.500 €

Through creatively solving the challenges of the company and the user, we build a genuine connection.

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We are developing the brand in three main phases:

Getting to know and defining

We will define the purpose (why), vision (where) and values (how) of the company.

Research and positioning

We will research your company, target groups and market, where we will look for new positioning opportunities.

Communication development and designy

We will attribute personality to the brand and shape its communication (verbally and visually).y

Some information

Information worth knowing about brand development

Brands are made to connect with people.

A brand exists only in the minds of users. However, in order to establish a belief about a product / service, it takes the experience of your users to really create a brand.

Because we believe in something more than just sales.

People like to connect with ideas and like-minded people. In the information-flooded digital world, this is all the more important because users no longer choose between products, but between the idea / community behind what that product stands for.

But who wouldn’t want to support an idea that would change the world?

Passion, loyalty and competitive advantage

When we choose a product from a provider and are satisfied with it, we become ambassadors.

When the vast majority of others join this experience, a community emerges to which we cannot help but feel a sense of belonging. Think of car brands 🙂

Because we mirror to the world what we carry within us

No successful brand has shallow roots. It begins to develop internally, as every employee is an ambassador who carries the company’s mission to the world.

The most successful brands have strong values, a clear vision and genuine communication, which is what the company stands for.

Let’s change the world

No one has yet changed the world to be the same as others. Few who are brave enough to share their beliefs and thinking in the world are the ones who really change it.

Just as every person is unique, every company has the potential to change its “landscape”.

Corporate identity and websites

A logo, corporate identity, or website / store does not create a brand. These are just tools we want to use to influence how our customers perceive us. But these are the key points that give us a great opportunity!

Forms of cooperation

We are committed to the success of your business

All in

Integrated development

Integrated development

We traditionally take over the project in its entirety. From design to fabrication and implementation.

The advantage of this type of collaboration is security, as the scope, price and timeline are predetermined. Communication, however, runs smoothly within the company.
One-on-one counseling


Development assistance

Pomoč pri razvoju

We help and advise you on the path between the development process and implementation.

Appropriate for companies that are independently developing or updating their own / foreign brand and would need professional help with the whole process (or just a specific step).
One-on-one counseling


Take over
specific step

Prevzem posameznega koraka

We take the agreed step during the development process.

Suitable for companies that are developing a brand with their own or foreign staff and need professional help with a specific step.
One-on-one counseling


Design sprint

Design sprint

According to the principle of rapid design testing, we can develop a prototype ready for testing in a short time.

Appropriate when a company needs quick feedback on concrete ideas or concepts.
One-on-one counseling