Website analysis and optimization

Website analysis.

Website analysis is a thorough review of your entire page, seeing where corrections and additions would be needed for better results, both on the page and on Google. And because the analysis itself is so important, we decided to give you some tips and informative views.

Why is website analysis necessary?

Website analysis is the first step to successfully optimizing your website. With a variety of tools, we find as many keywords as possible that are most relevant to your niche and easily outperform your competition.

What does it cover?

In addition to keyword analysis, we also do a detailed analysis of your website, where we review the entire structure of your page and prepare a document with information on what needs to be edited on your website.

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Web analysis will give you information about:

1. Keyword analysis (categories, products, or services):

This means the set of keywords, the average number of monthly searches for that keyword, and the current ranking of your site under that selected keyword.

Keyword analysis.

2.Technical corrections to your website:

Technical corrections include an overview of basic technical elements such as HTML addresses, meta descriptions, H1-H2 tags, alt tags, and the like. And also advanced technical elements such as canonical tags, sitemaps, etc., of your website.

3. Content corrections to your website:

Google and our policy are “Content are KING“. When analyzing your website, we will review the content that ranks high on Google and extract the information that the user expects on your page. In the end, we will give you concrete suggestions for improvements.

4. Analyze the feedback from your competition:

Since the pages of your competition, especially those that rank in the first place, already have quality links from other pages (forums, etc ..), we will check up to 3 competing pages. And with that, we have prepared a list of only those who have links to your competition.

What do you gain from web analytics?

You’ll learn the number of monthly keyword searches that are good to focus on. You will get an estimate of how much we can increase traffic and sales on your site, so that we can get to know your website through analysis and at a joint live meeting we can already highlight important building blocks, what is already arranged and what still needs to be arranged .


If you are interested in more about SEO optimization, you can read our article Optimization of the website and its content.

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