SEO text optimization for SERP

SERP- website optimization.

In this article, we will describe what SERP means, how important it is to optimize text for SERP and add a couple of tips and remarks from our own experience.

SERP (Search Engine Results Page) is a label that represents the search results or. search engine results page. It is key to achieving great results and ranking on the first page of Google. If we look at the% matrix that each site on the first page of a search engine takes, it would look like this:

1st  place is owned by about 42% of user clicks
2nd place receives about 12% of clicks
3rd place gets about 9% of clicks

and so continues down the ladder to 10th place, which only gets about 3% of user clicks.

So why is optimization of SERP content and media important?

If we want to get the maximum attention of users and be quickly visible in search engines, it is necessary to meet a few requirements.

Keyword – You need to write the right keyword that users are looking for.
Title – which addresses and engages users. The title tag appears on the Google results page, where the main element is the selected page, which addresses users with its content.
Attractive Meta description (see Meta description post for more information.)

The title is therefore the first insight into the content of your page.
Many times you will come across the term CTR (click trough rate) which speaks of the calculated number (in%) of users to whom your Title and Meta description addressed to such an extent that they clicked on your link.

Learning: A well-structured and written Title significantly increases traffic to your link.

An example of a well-structured subtitle is e.g. shape:
Primary keyword sentence that attracts domain

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Google does not consider letters as the optimal subtitle length, but the length in pixels, which means that the optimal subtitle length is somewhere between 320 and 550 px. In letters, this would mean somewhere between 50 and 60 letters. The maximum length displayed by google is around 600 px. When the title is too long, google “cuts” the title and adds three dots (…) to it.

Draft shared page on social networks

The title tag is also used by social networks and various web applications, which show the user the drafts of the page shared with him (when we send a link to the site). Most often, they display title tags: meta description, but also pick up a featured image or some other metadata.

SERP social media.

Our instructions:

Write briefly and concisely
(Try to describe your page/offer in the most creative and fast way. Stick to the recommended content length between 50 and 60 letters or 320 and 550px.)
Write for people, not search engines.
(It is widely known that people click on attractive and unique links much earlier that catch their eye. So stick to the principle of writing for people and not for search engines!

This is a common mistake that “SEO experts” like to make because we forget that we’re writing for users.

Structured title tags yield a higher CTR (click-through-rate) than generated ones.
In most cases, we have noticed that the generated title tags usually do not look very good and do not address. Therefore, we recommend that you take the time to try to present the content as best as you can.
In case you have thousands of pages, it is best practice to structure the types of information in advance.

[product] [category] [brand]

Keywords at the beginning.
Google is known to rank pages that have a keyword in the first place higher than those that have a keyword in the second or third position of the sentence. So always start with the keyword first! – adhere to the recommended subtitle structure.
Write for people, not search engines.
In 2019, this is the best and strongest guide that we can be very well aware of. Google serves people, so if your site is user-friendly, Google will also reward and rank it higher.

If you are interested in more about SEO optimization, you can read our article: Optimization of the website and its content.

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