Meta description: what is and what do you need to know for good optimization?

Meta description.

In this guide, we take you through a properly designed and written meta description. A meta description is part of every structured SERP and user experience. A better-written meta description – a deeper description – contributes more clicks to your site.

What is a meta description?

A meta description is a summary of your content that appears under the title on the Google results page. This part is used in most cases as a summary and address for users.

In more detail, what is a meta description, we would say this – is an HTML tag, which in most cases is included in the header:


<meta name = «description« content = «An example of a meta description that will appear in a Google search engine.«>


Although the meta description can be as long as you want, Google will mostly only show a length between 150 – 160 letters. Therefore, a length of 130-150 letters per description is recommended.

A meta description is not a factor in ranking your page, but it is extremely important as it offers users a little deeper insight into the content and nature of your chosen page. So it raises or lowers the CTR of users.

It is good practice to briefly summarize the content of the page in the meta description and address the user with an attractive address or offer.

COUNTER: users often convert when told (check offer, secure your…, etc.)

Our advice:

  • Write as conversational as possible and address them in a personalized way that your target audience will understand. Keep in mind that users don’t like intrusive content.
  • Write unique meta descriptions for the pages of your site. Because different things talk about different content, it will be more important for users to present each page in their way.
  • Include the main keyword and its synonyms in the description. Although a meta description is not a ranking factor, users will get the feeling that the content of your link is relevant to their search.
  • You write meta descriptions for people, not search engines.

If you would like additional information and tips for SEO optimization itself and a detailed description of meta descriptions, take a look at our website optimization guide and everything that goes with it.

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