How and why to create a landing page

Landing page- first.

Let’s start with the basics and talk first: What is a Landing page?

A landing page is a page that is built with a specific purpose – namely, to prepare visitors for an important campaign. By campaigns, we have in mind: purchase, various inquiries, reservation of appointments, etc. These campaigns are broken down by purpose by targeting them for different keywords. These keywords are a feature of the stages of sales and interest – that is, why and in what way to present to your audience or. the target group this landing page; what they will get out of it and what you can offer them to make them happy.

Below we will look at 3 aspects that will help you in the preparation and planning of the landing page.

Why and what is a landing site?

1. Why create a landing page?

The idea of designing such a site is somehow on the psychology of sales. Our goal is to make it easier for customers to make a decision when buying / * to inform them and answer the questions they have and what they will be asked * / or. action and increase the chances of its adoption.

With the landing page, many things can be created and it covers a large aspect of the possibilities for selling, informing, or gaining an audience, which you can then turn into potential customers. An easy-to-set site with quality content and dedicated conversions will bring you users and turn them into end customers.

Example: it must contain one message, one bid, one conversion (CTA), which must tell them what they need to do to ensure this. Talk only about this one offer and not about its history and the like!

Landing page.

2. Targeting for success - makes the decision easier

Here we have different phases of purchasing processes that can be used as desired. That is, we can use different landing pages for different stages of sales or. interest.

This ensures greater chances of success, as we have used various aspects of sales.

  • The Landing page is useless if it is not visited by real visitors. So it’s good to be targeted. Ask yourself, what do you want to communicate to the audience?
  • Do we just want her information so we can keep her informed and direct her to new purchases?
  • Do we want to warm up the user a bit by clicking and registering for free, etc.?
  • What kind of story do you want to tell them?
  • What do you want to gain from this?

Once you have the answer to these questions, you are halfway there. We help you design the site, along with your visions and goals, which will be the main guide of the entire landing page.

There is a 5-second rule in which you need to say what you guarantee, how it will improve their lives, and what they need to do to get it.

3. Landing page conversions

Conversions are key for such websites, i.e. landing page landing. You can decide for yourself what these conversions will be based on what you have to offer users. We will describe the 2 most used conversions, which are:

Click-through and lead-generation

What counts as conversions on our landing page depends largely on our desires and goals. Here we can talk about click-through or lead-generation, where the former focus on user clicks and the latter on the submission of contact information.

Let’s see when to use which:

So, by clicking on the user, we take him to an action that we inspire him with (eg free e-book, registration, installation of a mobile application, etc.). When submitting contact information, we follow the rule that we offer this user some value in exchange for his information (test drive, appointment booking, free consultation … etc.) and not a bribe.

A powerful example of a conversion is a short video showing the problem you are solving:
– how to solve it;
– how it will improve their lives and what they lose if they do not opt for your service/product.

Example: A video that shows a user/customer the moment they find you. How you served her / her and at the time she was “served” and was leaving.

It is also advisable to include the opinions of the parties, together with their pictures. And you can also include a list listing the advantages and features of your services, which are better than the competition (eg why you are better; what they get/gain from you..etc.)

We all know that there is a huge amount of information and offers online today that lack attention. The seller’s attention, that personal contact that can turn the user into a potential buyer that he trusts you with. So try to make your landing pages so that customers will land and the results will take off from them.

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