Corporate identity (CGP of the company)

Corporate graphic image of the company.

The corporate identity of a company is an important element in building a new company or renovating an old one. In the blog, we will introduce you to the guidelines and important elements of the company’s CGP.

What is a CGP company?

A company’s CGP, or corporate identity, is the overall look and feel of all the visual elements that your business uses in promotion, marketing, online, and in print. And to communicate with users and other companies.
Elements such as: logo, letterhead, business folder and stamp. For a good corporate image, these elements must be equated and be in the same style.

"With a good CGP, the company operates much more professionally and reputably!"

What does Corporate Identity (CGP) contain?

The basic elements of CGP (corporate identity) are the colors with which the company presents itself, the font, the graphics with which the company identifies itself, and the type of photographs that the company uses. Of course, all these elements are also conditioned by the method of communication that the company has chosen.

Containing elements:

  • Company / brand logo,
  • Company color scheme,
  • Typography,
  • Web page,
  • business card,
  • letters for correspondence (invoice, offer, address …),
  • envelopes,
  • stamps and
  • e-mail signature (electronic signature).
What all contains CGP

These are the most basic materials a company needs to do business. Of course, each additional element is adjusted according to the wishes of each company.

For more extensive, however, companies like to opt for the design of promotional materials such as pens, embroidered or printed clothing, umbrellas, business folders, jumbo posters, flyers, web banners, etc.

But who needs CGP companies?

The corporate identity is suitable for all companies (both small and large) that want to present themselves and be recognizable in the market. In any case, this does not mean that micro-enterprises, bloggers, associations, and organizations are excluded. A corporate graphic image is also suitable for them, which helps them to become more recognizable and visible online.

“Micro, small or large for everyone, the overall graphic image is visible! «

How to start creating a corporate identity?

You can tackle the CGP of your company yourself or it can be created by a graphic designer (us or our company) who is professionally trained. Before making it, it is good to have your strategy and vision for making it. After all, only this will help in creating your strategy for CPG companies.

Before you do anything, answer the questions below, which we have prepared for you for an easier performance and a better performance.

  • What is the company / brand strategy?
  • Is there a special story behind your company / brand that is worth highlighting?
  • What do you want to communicate to your customers?
  • Who is your strong competition and why are you better than them?

If you answered all the questions, great! Try writing them down on a piece of paper and sticking to them during the making process and following these guidelines.

In case of any ambiguity or desire to make a CGP of the company, please contact us!

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