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Business cards are often the first step to new insights, business deals and closer contacts with other entrepreneurs or individuals. Make your business card high-profile, tell the story of your business and be memorable.

Need a professional designed business card to introduce yourself?

Why is it good to have a business card?

Business cards can be sales, informational or informative material through which you can easily make contact and make new friends.

It is good to always have it with you, as you never know where you will meet a person who would be a suitable client with whom or for whom you will work or collaborate in the future.

What is the purpose of a business card?

Basically, business cards are used to hand over key information. It is used at a meeting when two acquaintances / strangers meet. When changing the business card, at that moment the recipient receives extremely important first information of the company / brand.

What does it look like? How do we feel when we look at a business card? What is it feel like when you hold it?

You give it with the intention that when the need for a service or product arises, the recipient will easily find your company in the pile of business cards he kept.

It is possible that it also has other providers, competitors of the same service or activity in this pile.

Let’s summarize 3 issues we can highlight:

  1. Differentiate (stand out) from all business cards,
    -How quickly he finds your business card in the pile.
  2. Stand out from the business of your competitors ,
  3. Visual communication of correct information:
    This is the feeling the user gets when analyzing a business card. If the company already has a corporate image (CGP), it is necessary that the business card is designed according to the guidelines.

The business card must communicate:

    • Nature of activity (eg photographer, mechanic, painter),
    • business atmosphere (varied, professional, elegant ..),
    • company values ​​ (professionalism, creativity, diversity, eco …).
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How should it be designed to stand out?

If we want our business card to stand out and be different from other business cards, we can do it in different ways:

  1. Use different shapes
    business card may not be an everyday shape: rectangular, round, triangular shapes can be a problem here, as they are difficult to store, fold, etc. ) so it is recommended to cut out the selected shape that differentiates but does not change the basic shapes. Business cards can also have incisions, which, together with creative design, can be very striking.
  2. Plastification ;
    When we talk about plasticization, we don’t just mean plastic coating. The most commonly used of these coatings are: -matte, gloss, soft touch. Each plastic coating has its own characteristic of touch and gives the business card a slightly premium feel – a feeling of higher quality. It also protects business cards from destruction.
  3. Use different materials ;
    we also use them in combination with lifting, when we want to further encourage a concept: e.g. recycling (recycled paper and cardboard), professionalism (pvc), etc.
  4. Colors
    – here we need to be careful that they are part of the CGP and the company’s strategy. It is also great if the edges of the business card are colored, as the user will stand out in a pile of all the business cards.

All this will give your business cards a unique and special look that will make you stand out from the crowd. 

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What should a business card contain?

It is recommended to have information on the business card such as:
  1. Company name,
  2. name and surname of the contact person and his / her name,
  3. title,
  4. contact information (e-mail, phone number, website.)
++ In addition, some include social media usernames.
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What do we get with proper communication?

If you take into account the information written above, you can definitely expect a good response and quick recognition of your company / brand. If you would like us to help you with the process and production, please contact us.

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