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Distant is a graphic studio in Maribor / Slovenia committed to professional design. Through careful planning and study, we are looking for effective visual solutions for companies who want to compete in the field for a highly competitive and long-lasting experience.

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What do we do?

We create strong and unique corporate identities that last. We also put a lot of effort into improving digital performance ,user experience and other related design. Our modern and minimalist design style is simple and planned to convey key values and messages to selected audiences. This enables our clients to enter the market professionally and properly communicate their business values to end customers. As a result, such identities are attributed to more weight in their industry, greater trust in the brand, and expertise in their field. But with detailed planning, we can also aim for even bigger goals!

Our approach

We attribute the highest level of attention to each project that is accepted. We design with passion and care for detail through every step of the design process. This personalized process draws inspiration from the client’s core values, guidelines and business goals. Designed for end clients, this process gives us precise guidelines through which we can properly communicate with the target audience. This is one of our main design guides; to design visual solutions that, regardless of time and trends, deliver key messages equally and convey the core values of a business, product, or person.

About Distant

Distant studio, Vid Tutek s.p., Cesta k Tamu 12, 2000 Maribor, SI – Slovenija

Phone +386 30 653 293, Mail 

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Some of our clients

Our graphics studio has proven itself time and time again. So we started to build an image of excellence and high level of service.