We create value
through design.


Research | Planning | Consulting

Strategy is key! Through careful planning and research, we can take a competitive and professional approach to project development.


CGP | Branding | UX | Design

Professional design is thoughtful and creative. Only this way can we convey the right values and messages to the target groups.


Web | CMS | eComerce

We design and build advanced websites and online stores optimized for user experience and conversion.


Marketing, strategy & performance

Our professional staff constantly takes care of your online appearance and achievement of sales goals. Long-term partnerships are also possible.

Distant studio.

At Distant studio, we strive for comprehensive solutions in the areas of graphic design, web development, and marketing. Our lines count two companies that share one goal! With one graphic design studio and one professional marketing agency, we offer a complete business solution.

Our work

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Technical SEO analysis of your website or e-commerce.

Submit a request for a free technical SE analysis of your website or store and pick up a visit to your site.

Our guidelines

What are we focusing on at Distant Studio?

Our goal is to help new businesses successfully step into the market. We create strong business-client relationships and together achieve our goals.

What does corporate identity mean and why is it key to a successful business?

The corporate identity is all the visual elements and materials with which the company communicates key messages and values to its end customers. The first impression is the most important!

What is the process of designing here at Distant?

We begin the design process with thorough market research, targeted area, and competition study. As we design, we are constantly looking for easier ways to convey the key messages and values of your business. Transparency and communication with our clients are important to us.

Why choose us?

There are already companies that we work closely with and achieve great results. We are convinced that strong ties and collaborations produce better results than we would be able to achieve on our own.

Would you like a business partner and work with us in design or marketing ?

We strive for close and long-term cooperation with companies. We forge strong bonds with our clients and work together to create beautiful stories that both ourselves and our clients are proud of.

In the field of design, we step into the shoes of our clients and together we look for ways to achieve even greater achievements. We are constantly testing and exploring new ways to best achieve the goals of companies through visual elements and communicate their values.

We are also aware that marketing is the driving force of any business. That’s why we offer professionally trained staff who are constantly striving to be the best in the areas of Google advertising (Ad, Seo, Remarketing), mailing, video advertising and much more.